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Insurance 101

A quick breakdown of the average funeral cost

Insurance 101

A quick breakdown of the average funeral cost

Hint: funeral planning might cost roughly $5k–$10k a pop!

The average funeral can cost thousands of dollars. And that’s just the basics. If you want the fancy stuff like a DJ set heavy on 80s favorites or a gothic yet tasteful wreath on your casket or any other fun extras, it’s gonna cost you. But why does this come as a surprise to most of us? It’s because, when it comes to death, most of us are more focused on legacies, not logistics. Since not many people spend their living hours researching funeral costs, we thought we’d do the legwork for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect when it comes to average funeral costs and how you can plan for them so you don’t end up paying a huge chunk of change out of pocket.

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Funeral cost breakdown

So here’s a breakdown of average funeral costs according to the latest data from the National Funeral Directors Association. Keep in mind that although the $ amounts below are the national median, costs will vary a lot by state and actual funeral planning deets.

Standard stuff:

  • Funeral home’s basic services fee: $2,195
  • Transferring remains: $350
  • Casket: $2,400 (but, can be up to $10,000 depending on the finish)
  • Hearse: $325
  • Embalming: $750
  • Any other preparations of the body: $255
  • Cremation: $350
  • Cremation urn: $295
  • Cremation casket: $1200
  • Service vehicle (car of van): $150
  • Viewing facilities: $425
  • The ceremony itself: $500
  • Printed memorial package: $175

Additional things:

Don’t forget that the basic costs don’t factor in extras like flowers, headstones, publishing an obituary in your local newspaper, or any decorations you might want. Basically, the list is never-ending… Keep in mind that these things can add up to thousands of dollars and drive up the cost of your funeral significantly.

Bottom line

So, after reading that list, you may be thinking that planning a funeral means shelling out a ton of cash—money you could be leaving to your loved ones. And rightly so. Between the ceremony itself to burial or cremation costs, end-of-life celebrations can be expensiiiiive. So, plan ahead. The best way to prep your loved ones for an already rough day is to make sure you leave your wishes somewhere they’ll be able to find them. And a life insurance plan can do just that and more. You can get a plan that’ll pay your funeral costs and also leave your family with some much-needed cash once you’re gone. Plus, many life insurance companies even offer very small coverage amounts with low monthly costs. So, if you don’t have a ton of savings but want to have a memorable funeral, this might be worth looking into. (So, look into it).

The opinions we expressed in this post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations.