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Can you buy life insurance on your digital device?

Industry Newness

Can you buy life insurance on your digital device?

Your smartphone isn’t just for scrolling on social media.

There’s no way around it: most, if not all, of society has become completely dependent on smartphones. We not only use them as a means of communication, but also to do pretty much everything else—from banking, to paying bills, and even trying to find a hot date. You can also shop for pretty much anything your heart desires, and in many cases, receive your delivery in less than 24 hours.

Besides feeling the excitement of getting a package to your doorstep in less than a day or getting a DM from that cutie, there are other things you can obtain almost instantaneously. In case you forgot what website you’re on, we’re talking about life insurance. You can answer some questions and get a policy in minutes. But is getting life insurance online the best way to start your journey? Let’s look at the traditional and digital avenues a potential customer can take when getting covered.

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  1. The tried and true method—a short story
  2. The future of digital life insurance is here
  3. Living in a digital world

The tried and true method—a short story

A question potential life insurance customers may have asked themselves is, “are life insurance brokers a thing of the past?” The answer is complex. Many people still rely on the old-school method of getting covered with face-to-face sit-downs.

I was talking to my boss recently and the topic of life insurance came up. He told me when he got a policy, it was done in person through a life insurance broker. Someone actually did an IRL visit to his home with all the documents needed to sign up. While the person who worked with him was someone he knew and trusted, he said it was admittedly kind of awkward to go through personal and financial information with him. The life insurance broker reviewed his info, his coverage needs, and asked the pertinent questions. Though it was nice to have human interaction, it took almost two hours to plug everything into the system. He also got upsold on some added features.

Now what was really kind of crazy was that a SECOND visit was scheduled for a medical exam. I was a bit shocked it took two in-person meetings to be able to sign up. In any event, a week later, a medical professional went to his home to do a physical. He said it was kind of fancy that someone came over and provided a medical exam, blood work included. After the underwriting and exam portion, he was able to get a policy. He told me despite the length of time it took to get a plan, it was a pretty seamless experience.

While meeting with brokers who come to your home or office may seem like a thing of the past, some people prefer to have an experience with a human when they sign up for coverage. However, with the rise of insurance technology, more commonly known as insurtech, it’s become easier to get covered quickly by buying life insurance online without the need for an agent.

The future of digital life insurance is here

As mentioned above, insurtech has provided a quicker and more seamless experience to get a policy. Wyshbox provides a 100% digital experience with really cool features that can allow customers to buy life insurance in a flash.

Instant quote: Whether you’re an iOS or Android person, you can get on your phone and go through our easy questionnaire to get a quick quote. If you need a bigger screen, you can also use your laptop or desktop.

No medical exam: You don’t have to visit the doc’s office to get a membership with us. But we do need to get to know you better, so we will ask you some questions.

Fast coverage: If everything is copacetic, you can get coverage in less than 10 minutes. We also make it simple to get the exact amount of coverage you need when you add your unique needs and wants, AKA as Wyshes, to the Wysh Builder tool.

Claims: If the time comes where your family needs to file a claim, they can fill out and submit your documents on our site.

Wysh Granters: We admit, it is nice to have someone to talk to. Our awesome customer support team is here to help should you need that human connection. Shoot them an email or chat with them through the app during regular business hours.

Living in a digital world

We are all online and almost solely dependent on the internet and smartphones. When shopping for life insurance, you may as well lean in and take advantage of Wyshbox and how easy we’ve made it to get a membership with us. Besides the fact that you can sign up for term life insurance on your digital device, we also offer flexible coverage and the ability to protect your family, build a legacy, and become one with the robots.

The opinions we expressed in this post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations.