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Dead Serious

3 casket trends that are better for your wallet

Dead Serious

3 casket trends that are better for your wallet

Green caskets are the stylish (and cost-effective) funeral trends of the future.

Burials have been around for a long time. There’s been all kinds of burial practices, trends, even fads. Something as simple as a casket goes through stylistic changes. If you’re in the market for a unique casket send-off, or just curious, we’re here to give you the scoop on casket trends happening right now.

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  1. Eco-friendly casket and funeral trends to consider
  2. Which eco-friendly casket option is right for you
  3. TL;DR

Eco-friendly casket and funeral trends to consider

Cardboard caskets

You heard that correctly. Younger generations often look for a more eco-friendly casket. Cardboard caskets are looking to fill that need. They’ve got a lot going for them. 

They’re exactly as they sound. They’re caskets made of cardboard instead of wood or metal. They’re lightweight but surprisingly durable, able to hold a 300-pound body without issue. And while they’re sturdy, they’re a biodegradable casket option as well.

Price-wise they’re often cheaper than a traditional casket. A metal casket could run you $2,500 alone (let alone the other funeral costs). So if you’re looking for a casket trend that can be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, cardboard caskets may be something to look into.

Bamboo casket

Bamboo caskets are also growing in popularity as an eco-friendly casket option. Because they’re a fast-growing and sturdy plant, they can be grown in a number of climates in a sustainable manner. They also don’t have to only be used for burials, as they can be used in cremations as well.

When it comes to price, they’re more expensive than cardboard caskets, usually around $2k online. This is, in part, because the coffin is made of interlaced bamboo strips, requiring more labor before it gets to you. But if you’re looking for an elegant and sustainable biodegradable casket, look no further.

Biodegradable urns

So not quite a casket, but still an eco-friendly funeral trend you should check out. Biodegradable urns are designed for land or water. The price can depend on which method and company you choose, but they’re often far less expensive than a traditional casket. 

Some biodegradable urns come with seeds and fertilizer so that a plant or tree will grow out of the spot the person is buried. Others dissolve in water over time. 

A traditional urn could cost you anywhere between $70 - $2,250, depending on make and supplier. The Living Urn, meanwhile, could cost between $129 - $169. Not a bad way to become a tree.

Which eco-friendly casket option is right for you?

It comes down to how you want to honor yourself or your loved one. Funeral trends are heading towards sustainability with biodegradable caskets and personalization in how people want to be remembered. The same can be said for cremation trends, which are becoming more popular as well. 

Consider how you or your loved one would like to be remembered. Have discussions with your family about what accommodations can and should be made. A great way to start the conversation is to have a life insurance policy. 

If you don’t have a policy, head on over to our Wysh Builder, where you can customize a policy that’s right for you and your family. See where your needs might be and you may even be approved for a policy in the time it took for you to read this article. We’ll see you on the other side.


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