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How to get super-personalized term life insurance

Shopping Around

How to get super-personalized term life insurance

Build your Wyshes and get the freedom to customize your coverage.

In our modern times, you can personalize almost anything in your life—from a perfectly tailored outfit, to the ultimate musical playlist, or even a curated selection of horror movies. But what about more practical things, like life insurance? Most life insurance companies don’t normally let a customer suggest exactly how they want their money spent; their beneficiaries typically receive a lump sum amount and spend it how they see fit without a record of how the policyholder would have wanted the money spent.

At Wyshbox we’re doing things differently by giving customers the control. With a Wyshbox membership, you can customize your digital term life insurance and also suggest the different ways you’d like your loved ones to spend it (hint: it’s not only about paying back debt). Let’s look at how the insurance model has historically worked and how Wyshbox is shaking things up.

  1. How term life insurance traditionally works
  2. How Wyshbox has changed the game
  3. Conclusion

How term life insurance traditionally works

In case you’re not familiar with life insurance, here’s a synopsis on how it normally works. Typically, when shopping around and talking to different companies, you work with an insurance agent to calculate the amount of coverage you need. That amount can range depending on your age, health, and other lifestyle factors. It also depends what kind of protection your family would need if you were to pass away. It could be anything from covering your mortgage, to paying for childcare, to not leaving an insane amount of debt on your credit cards.

Once the policyholder kicks the bucket, the beneficiary files a claim form and goes through all the necessary steps for approval. If everything is on the up-and-up, the family receives a lump sum amount. A family may want to use the life insurance payout to cover immediate costs, which is fair. The last thing a grieving family needs to worry about is getting their car repossessed or having a lapse on college tuition (among other big bills).

How Wyshbox has changed the game

Yes, having the money to cover debt and bills is important, and ultimately, it’s up to the beneficiary how they want to spend the payout. However, with Wyshbox you have the option to hyper-personalize your policy and your beneficiary can decide how the payout money is spent. It could be used to leave a lasting legacy or something really fun (think an epic funeral party).

Wyshes are the financial dreams and goals you want to have fulfilled after you die. Using our Wysh Builder tool, you can calculate the amount of coverage you need to protect your family and add the Wyshes you want granted. And should you pass away, our amazing customer support team, AKA our Wysh Granters, can help your loved ones bring those Wyshes into fruition.

To learn more, check out our nifty explainer video on YouTube here.


Having the control and freedom to manage your life insurance is so much better than having to abide by certain restraints and restrictions that other companies might impose on you. As your life evolves and changes, you can alter your coverage to have those needs met. At Wyshbox we put our customers first and we offer a level of customization that will give customers the ultimate experience.

The opinions we expressed in this post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations.
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