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Shopping Around

Ditch the life insurance calculator—Wysh lets you customize your policy

Shopping Around

Ditch the life insurance calculator—Wysh lets you customize your policy

Personalize coverage that works harder for you and your loved ones.

Remember when your math teacher would say, “you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket”? Well, jokes on them. We have calculators with us all the time now. Just like we’ve progressed technologically to have mini computers with us, so too has the life insurance industry moved into the digital age. See, in the before times, the life insurance calculator was king (sort of). Nowadays, a generic calculator might not be able to give you the best idea of your coverage needs.

No two families are exactly alike. Which is why you require a more hands-on approach for your life insurance policy. That’s where Wysh comes in. We’ve scrapped the life insurance calculator entirely in favor of the *drumroll* Wysh Builder! It’s a highly personalized process for you, your loved ones and your policy.

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  1. How much life insurance should I get?
  2. Wysh Builder vs term life insurance calculator
  3. Power of personalization

How much life insurance should I get?

Customization is at the heart of the Wysh Builder process. Wysh offers flexible coverage options that can grow with you and your needs, all from the comfort of our app or on the computer. But how do you know which coverage amount is right for you? We recommend looking at the DIME method, which stands for Debts, Income, Mortgage & Education. This’ll give you a good ballpark.

For example, estimating how much debt you have, plus your annual salary, your mortgage or rent payments and any education costs your children may need, might give you a good idea of the right coverage amount for you. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for the Wysh Builder process.

Wysh Builder vs term life insurance calculator

So you’ve estimated all of the DIME requirements. A traditional insurance calculator may just multiply your salary a few times and give you some basic term life insurance quotes. But those quotes won’t really reflect what you need. Enter the Wysh Builder. We take the DIME method and expand it into five categories: Debts, Loose Ends, Dependents, Legacy and Out-of-the-Box. These are where your Wyshes live. You’ll be able to set expectations for your loved ones on how you’d all like the death benefit to be paid out. For example:


Your loved ones can use the death benefit to pay off any pesky debt that may be sticking around. Things like student loans, medical debt, and credit card costs can hang around with your family even after you're gone.

Loose Ends

Use that payout to take care of final costs. You can have all your funeral costs taken care of, any final payments to medical facilities or any other leftover costs to address.


You and your loved ones can make sure that your dependents are looked after. Whether that’s thinking about your kids’ future educational costs or, if you’re a caretaker, making sure that your loved ones can still be looked after.


It’s always nice to leave a gift behind. You can give a cash gift or use the payout to give some money to a charity of your choice.


And who’s to say you can’t have a little fun at the end? If you want, you can set an expectation for something as left-field as sending your ashes into space!

Power of personalization

Traditional life insurance premium calculators didn’t often take personalized realities into account. But in the digital age, when people ask, “how much term life insurance do I need?” companies like Wysh have stepped up to the plate. It makes sense. In a 2022 study by Wakefield Research, they found that 84% of online shoppers said that personalization influences their purchasing decisions. 

This suggests a greater desire from consumers on how they engage with companies. At Wysh we not only understand this reality, we’ve crafted the Wysh Builder to empower applicants to build the policy that’s best for them. With coverage that’s closer than ever before, what’s not to love?

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