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Shopping Around

How to get super-personalized term life insurance coverage

Shopping Around

How to get super-personalized term life insurance coverage

Don’t let life insurance calculators get you down.

From perfectly tailored wardrobes, to the ultimate rock-out playlists and a dope horror movie collection, you can get a lot personalized nowadays. But when it comes to term life insurance, the industry can be slow to keep up. Most insurance companies don’t let customers set expectations for how they want their money to be spent.

However, Wysh Life Insurance isn’t like most companies. With a Wysh policy, you can customize your term life insurance coverage in a way that fits your unique needs. So no term life insurance calculator, no one-size-fits-all method of figuring out your needs. You control what your coverage looks like. So let’s take a look at how this all works out.

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  1. The old life insurance calculator
  2. Make Wyshes for term life insurance coverage
  3. What’s next for your term life insurance journey?

The old life insurance calculator

When looking to get insurance, you gotta ask yourself, “how much life insurance should I get?” Not a bad starting point. But how did people get coverage before? Well, you used to have to go through life insurance agents. They’d help you figure out the right amount of coverage. The amount usually depended on things like your age, health, and other lifestyle factors, as well as the needs of your family.

Life insurance calculators, meanwhile, have you using formulas that look at your income, future expenses, debts, savings, etc. It’s a similar process to using the DIME method, which looks at debts, income, mortgage, and education. Both agents and calculators are valid options for getting coverage. But Wysh is doing things a little bit differently.

Make Wyshes for term life insurance coverage

Wysh has crafted the Wysh Builder, a process that lets you customize your policy and coverage. How does it work? The Wysh Builder lets you set expectations for where your pay out should go. While it’s ultimately the decision of your beneficiaries, you, as the policyholder, can select Wyshes which are areas you want to be part of your overall policy. Want to put some money to leave a legacy? You can set that Wysh. Want to set how much of the coverage should be for your newborn’s college fund? Make a Wysh.

Wyshes are the financial goals you want to have fulfilled after you die. Using the Wysh Builder tool, you can calculate the exact amount of coverage to meet your needs. “But, Wysh,” we hear you say, “can I increase my life insurance coverage?” You can! We know your needs can and will change. You can edit your coverage amount by working with our Wysh Granters customer service team. That way, your coverage is always tailored to you and your loved ones.

What’s next for your term life insurance journey?

If you’re not yet at the place where you can answer “how much life insurance do I need?” then the Wysh Builder tool is a great place to start. You can begin to select what areas are most important to you right now, and even if you start a policy unsure of your coverage amount, remember, you can always work with us to change it later. If you realize you want more coverage, then great! Your policy, your needs, your call—that’s the power of the Wysh Builder. So what are you waiting for? Do great things with Wysh at your side.

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