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Industry Newness

Family and local charity get a big boost thanks to Wysh Life Insurance

Industry Newness

Family and local charity get a big boost thanks to Wysh Life Insurance

When tragedy struck the Reid family with the untimely passing of their beloved mother, Danette Reid, we at Wysh Life and Health Insurance couldn't just stand by. We felt a deep connection to the Reid family and also felt compelled to step in, not merely as an insurance provider, but as a source of support during their time of grief.

Our philosophy at Wysh is that life insurance is about more just a check. We understand that the impact of losing a loved one extends far beyond financial concerns. That's why we have a dedicated team of specialists, our Wysh Granters, who can actively navigate the difficult roads that families may face during times of loss.

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When we came across the Reid family's story while preparing a campaign to showcase our Wysh Granters, their tragic loss struck a chord. Even though Danette was not one of our policyholders, we saw an opportunity to use our unique expertise to fulfill the dreams she may have had for her family and community.

Danette left behind an incredible legacy, which we were honored to support through Reid Cares, a charitable organization she founded to combat food insecurity among college students. We rallied a team of volunteers, and together, we not only restocked food pantries at local universities but also offered financial support and rebranding efforts. By working hand in hand, Wysh and the Reid family are ensuring that Danette's mission to alleviate food insecurity lives on.

In our support, we understood the importance of nurturing the dreams of Danette's children. We connected Trey with renowned skincare expert Morrissa Jenkins to refine his product offerings for his skincare line, GSmoove, and enlisted our team to redesign his product packaging. We also partnered with popular local store Pine & Quill to stock Trey's brand.

Meanwhile, Danae's grief-focused podcast "Damn Mom Really?" received a boost when we equipped her with a state-of-the-art podcasting studio in partnership with Guitar Center. We also provided a media planner and promotional budget to help her connect with a larger audience.

Our commitment to the Reid family is a reflection of our belief that life insurance can be a tool to carry forward a loved one's dreams and aspirations, ensuring their legacy endures. As we continue to disrupt the insurance industry with innovative partnerships like our collaboration with UNest, we remain committed to creating a socially positive movement in the industry. Through our work, we envision a future where life insurance is personalized, accessible, and empowering for all Americans.

The story of our partnership with the Reid family demonstrates our commitment to a compassionate and personalized approach to life insurance. As we forge ahead, we're excited to help countless individuals see their own dreams realized, leaving a lasting impact on their loved ones and communities.

The opinions we expressed in this post are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations.